I hope on the contrary that this will not be the last article that you will write on the covid. It will take many more years to analyze what happened and recognize mistakes. It's very important for next time

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and I see that is the case because I had not immediately noticed that the article was dated July 16. Thanks

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Hi Alex, this is an incredible piece. I’m devouring “every word”. I’m halfway through and will pick up the rest tomorrow (1am in the UK).

Just wanted to say that this is a really valuable story that you are telling. So sorry for the hostility and silencing you’ve experienced. Thank you for all you’ve done and the person you’ve chosen to be through this time.

The more I read your work and journey, the more I love your heart, and mind. Keep being you.

(As you’ve so well articulated, when you see something, you have to say something (your precise wording is better). I’m speaking up in my own little corner in my way, part of which includes sharing narrative-questioning content, such as your latest CSI (“Totality”) post on Facebook.)

Best wishes,


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Great read! Congratulations to you for being of sufficient character and very well-prepared to use such a mismatch between narrative and data productively.

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Kudos to you for your little "Big Short."

Independence at a productive age is a marvellous outcome.

I enjoyed the entire story, only getting lost at the "RLS" and "RTC" acronyms, which eventually became clear with reading farther down and a quick Google search.

RFK Jr.'s book "The Real Anthony Fauci" reveals the background to much of what you experienced in the TwitterVerse and "Cancel Culture."

I note that all of your predictive work assumes no useful treatment for Covid. As you have data from India it would be useful to compare large Indian states, Tamil Nadu which followed the American (Pfizer) plan, and for instance Uttar Pradesh which promoted early treatment. I had seen the spring 2020 report from Raoul Didier in France with hydroxychloroquine treatment, which was suppressed with as much vigour as every other anti-Narrative suggestion.

Thanks again.

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Great article. Great story. Valuable information.

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I read your post with fervor from end to end. I could not stop.

I think the world needs more "out-of-the-box" thinking like this. I stated to my wife about a year ago this was politically and possibly financially motivated. I was tempted to put money in Pfizer after hearing their ads pumped through the P.A. system at Walmart where I was working overnights. My second thought was, "How could I live with myself knowing this Gene Therapy shot could harm so many people?"

I commend you for your further thought process in using these gains in your predictions to help people! I'm now wondering if this "Vaccine" will have further implications as to reproduction of viral proteins now being produced by human cells. Is it possible this human/viral response can further hurt the population or are we over the worst? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Very impressive & interesting article Alex Washburne. Thx. for writing - and for sharing it!

It reminded me more than once of J. W. von Goethe's take on science - and life. Even if I have to contradict you, he once wrote, and even if I have to reject the favour that you ask from me - I still hope that you can hold on to loving me (...haben mich weiterhin lieb).

He also wrote about the importance of mistakes for science. He asked to pay lots of attention to them, because they often times are the foundation of a better undestanding of nature - and life (in his great little essay On the Granite - (Über den Granit)).

I love essays, therefore I want to praise the lively style of your covid-story above.

I did link it at some places too. - Now I hesitate. Well: German economist and lockdown-critic Stefan Stefan Homburg was one of them. Another one is the anonymus US science blogger Hail to You who was early on on the right covid-track - together with Michael Levitt and Ivor Cummings - and you.

I found Michael Levitt's and his part-time sidekick Ivor Cummins' work very insightful too.

The Gompertz-detection yielded great results - maybe not perfect ones in any case, but overall I found that approach very convincing and - a major step forward. - - -

The hard sciences are about measurements and - about the giving and taking of arguments - as philosopher Jürgen Habermas put that. Pharmacology is also about the magic roots of medicine/healing (see Peter Rühmkorf's essay - Agar -Agar- Zaurzaurim) - and money. - Capital, Marx pointed out, shares its etymology with the latin word caput = head...

I'm looking forward to the progress your science-communication-project will make and wish you all the best!

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Great article, thanks for sharing.

Re the Stock Market COVID crash: the surprising thing for me was not the crash itself, but how quickly everything returned to normal, Stock market returns in 2020 were terrific. I hope you closed out your shorts.

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I'm curious about a couple of the points you raise:

1. You acknowledge that vaccines reduced hospitalizations, but seem to deny they reduced deaths - is that accurate, and if so, what mechanism do you think causes that?

2. Have you compared PFR from any Canadian locations to American ones? They seem lower to me, I assumed mostly was a result of interventions, but maybe not?

3. Looks like PFR (after several waves) in places like South Dakota topped out a little over 0.3% - close to the bottom of the 0.4% general estimates of IFR, and a significant amount happened after vaccination (see my first question) - is it possible that you had considerably better short term estimates, but the overall burden was generally decently predicted by "the narrative"?

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Jul 17, 2022·edited Jul 17, 2022

Covid has not ended. Wait for the mass deaths to start. The vaccines truly kick in after 2+ years. Most of the injected are expected to die within 6.5 years:

"I was told by these officials (FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer), in confidential secret discussions, that in about 6 to 6.5 years from roll-out, in those who take the injections, they feared mass auto-immune disease and deaths, they feared viral immune escape and very problematic variants, and they anticipated constant deaths from the injections but a major number of deaths to emerge. I could not even understand exactly what they did for it was so haphazard, but these were officials. And they wanted to talk to me. To tell me ‘their truths’."


If the mass media is still around, they will blame this on new diseases (which require new vaccines!) and a resurgence of new, deadly Covid variants (requiring boosters, already in the pipeline).

All of it is actually intentional vaccine injury and population reduction.

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Thank you. We will not forget you, the brave scientists who stayed true to scientific principles and method.

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Typo? "By the end of 2021, nearly 5 million people world-wide were vaccinated..."

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Yes! Big typo (or small typo, quantitatively :-D). Thanks for pointing that out

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